Latteria Studio – Cooking with Carla Tomasi

Since the Latteria Studio opened, I have been trying to sneak over to one of the many delicious events hosted there, but for one reason or another I have never been able to join in on the fun.  What at one time used to be a dark, dingy bar, is now a bright and lovely food photography studio & multi-use kitchen space.

I finally made it over the bridge and up the hill to the Latteria Studio for a pasta making class with the kind and talented, queen of pasta, Carla Tomasi  – and it was certainly worth the wait!

We started off right away by making a fantastically simple focaccia – which would later be our mid-morning snack.



img_1955We were off to a good start!

Now, on to the pasta all’uovo (fresh egg pasta)…


Pretty parsley pasta which was later cut up into tagliatelli and maltagliati.



Once rolled out, we let the pasta dry….


Out to dry: Ricotta/pumpkin filled ravioli pillows and the darker colored ribbons of chestnut flour pasta



While we waited for the pasta to dry, we snacked on some focaccia and worked on preparing the ingredients for the timballo – one of the many being these scrumptious polpettine…

img_1960..and a few more ingredients: lasagna sheets, mozzarella, parmigiano, chicken liver, peas, onions, and a hard boiled egg.


………the recipe also calls for some tagliatelle al pomodoro – which we made with Carla’s home grown tomatoes.


After wrapping up this little bomba, it went right into the oven.

While we waited for the timballo to cook……


…..we enjoyed these ravioli di zucca in a simple, classic condimento of sage and butter and a chilled glass of pecorino.


And then the show-stopping timballo was ready for its unveiling!


It was quite satisfying to see and taste the fruits of our labor!


Whether you live in Rome, or you are just visiting, I highly recommend participating in any lesson with Carla and the various events at the Latteria Studio.


For more info:

Carla Tomasi


Instagram: carla_tomasi

Latteria Studio

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